Zest EMI

Zest EMI 

Making life more affordable


Planning to buy a Phone on EMI? Worry not. We will help you buy your favorite phone on EMI without burning a hole in your pocket. ValueCart lets you buy now, pay over a period of time and control how much you spend.You can choose the repayment dates and number of installments.You’ll pay a simple monthly interest rate and a one-time processing fee.No extra charges and no hidden fees.!!

Your EMI will not change and if you decide to pay it back earlier than planned, there’s no prepayment fee either. Cool?


Terms & Conditions

    • Duration is of no more than twelve (12) months.
    • The customer requires to make a down payment and fixed monthly repayments.
    • Documents required- Proof of ID: Aadhar, PAN, Voters ID, DL; 3 months bank statement (with address); Signed NACH that will be mailed to them when they provide us the bank details
    • The minimum basket size of purchase is INR 7,000 and maximum is INR 100,000 (1 Lac).
    • Monthly interest is a flat rate (not declining balance), with the cost of interest being borne by the Customer. The interest rate is charged on the loan amount which is calculated on Transaction Size less down payment.
    • Late Payment Fee of no more than INR 500 will apply per missed installment as well as a late payment interest charge (of up to a maximum of INR 2500). Missed payment fees will be directly payable by the Customer to Zest.
  • Where the Customer requests a refund (post-delivery of product) and the refund has been approved by the merchant
    • The customer processing fee is non-refundable to the Customer provided the documents are collected from the Customer, loan processing is complete and supplies were delivered to the Customer.
    • Processing fees will be refunded to the customer by Zest if the loan proposal is rejected by Zest.
  • Stocks for zest money orders can be held for 3 days, if it takes more than 3 days for loan approval we will not be able to keep the stock on hold as we are unable to reserve the product for any of the customers for an indefinite time




As a % of

Payable at


Downpayment Amount


Total transaction size

If paid electronically, payable at the time of application by the customer directly to Zest / Lender.


Processing Fee*



Loan amount

If paid electronically, payable at the time of application by the customer directly to Zest / Lender.


Monthly Interest


Loan amount

Payable monthly by the customer, directly to Zest / Lender.


Late Payment Fee

INR 500


Payable if the customer misses an installment.

Late payment interest charge can be applied on Zest and Lenders’ discretion, up to

                 *This is not eligible during the promotion period (1 month)