Vinay H, Tamilnadu
This is my first purchase on Valuecart, I ordered a Mi3 for 10k 5 days ago. Got the product by yesterday. First of I was bit worried about buying Customer Returned mobiles but all my worries went away when I open the package, It was a sealed package by valuecar. Box were not new that doesn't matter, Mobie was absolutely new in condition no scratches at all. I was surprised.. got a charger and usb cable with Mi3 and a sim tray remover too. Charger & usb package already got opened, but its new. Mi3 was released with Miui 5, but valuecart giving it with Miui 6 latest update. kudos for that. Am happy for buying in valuecart, but one minus my phone comes with 0% charge when I tried to turn for the first time it was not turning on, I was shocked then I put it on charge and came to know that it was 0% kindly send mobiles atleast with 60% of charge Now ordered a Redmi 1s for my friend, waiting for d arrival.. will continue to purchase in valuecart


Kishore Datta, Assam
Received my YU Yureka today. Well, being honest I won't say its new and unused . its definitely unboxed as mentioned. But the thing is that it is good as new .. I have had a new like feeling though. Valuecart is true about the fact that the phone/ product goes through Quality Check processes. It is a real value for money. I am impressed by value cart's service. I would 100% recommend valuecart to my friends family and loved ones. The bottomline is I AM SATISFIED AND HAPPY.and that's what matters. Thanks valuecart.


Shezan R
Hi value cart thanks for sending me a genuine n unboxed phone keep up ur good work best of luck!!!


DS Charan, Hyderabad
Loved the Idea of ValueCart. Team is very Responsive and overall it's a great Experience!


Sujit Vajpai, MP
1st order with vauecart islike karu ya na karu, karu ya na karu...bt aftr 5-6days whn u receive ur order....i am sure u'r like wowww woww its fully new yrr...and from that movmnt u also start loving valuecart ??? and one more thing...customer services are very very very high thy help alot fr any problem... ?


Vishal Aggarwal, Haryana
I just love they way you take care of your customers....! I am impressed by the way you respond on fb. I ordered oneplus one from valuecart.in though i don't receive the product yet it's on its way and i am very excited about it.


Sannoy Das
Love you so much valuecart.in ..I am really happy because I have ordered one Mi3 .. I am unable to purchase mi3 on filpkart 10 months back and waiting for this valuecart has made my dream become true.. Love you so muchhhhh