Inventory management

Inventory Management

Inventory issues can tie up your Amazon sales, harm short-term and long-term marketing performance, and erode profitability. As such, accurate forecasting and inventory management are critical for a successful Amazon business.

We combine our expansive database, proprietary algorithms, and human expertise to ensure optimal inventory coverage for all our sellers.


Import & export services

Our pro-active export services team helps cut red tape, navigate the latest regulations, minimize paperwork, expedite transit, and lower your costs, while providing truly personalized service. You can be confident that our comprehensive export and import services get your goods and products where they're needed, fast, efficiently, and with no stress to you at all.


FBA fulfillment services

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a service provided by Amazon that provides storage, packaging, and shipping assistance to sellers. This takes the burden off of sellers and grants them more flexibility in their selling practices. The program allows sellers to ship their merchandise to an Amazon fulfillmentcenter, where items are stored in warehouses until they are sold. When an order is placed, Amazon employees physically prepare, package, and ship the product(s).


Warehouse management

  • Relabeling if original label is missing or unreadable
  • 24-hours security and full CCTV monitoring network
  • Complete Wi-Fi coverage
  • Barcode managed pick and pack infrastructure
  • Single or multi-product order sorting
  • Repacking for split or bundled product offers
  • Branded packaging: tissue, stickers, custom packaging, seasonal boxes, etc.
  • Application of brand-provided anti-counterfeit barcodes
  • Gift wrapping, gift card personalization and activation
  • Professionally supervised warehouse to manage goods (in transit and multiple location deliveries)

Domestic logistics/drop shipping

  • We are seamlessly integrated with several last mile logistic partners in India, to provide automatic delivery status notifications.
  • Flexibility of importing in large quantities and outbound delivery.
  • We also offer COD services, transportation insurance, and highly secured express services for high-value shipments.

Supply Chain Management

Simplify the supply chain. Our operations experts provide the strategy, knowledge, and resources needed to fulfill products through online marketplaces in India.Our logistical infrastructure is supported by data, analytics, and automation that maximize efficiency. Our sellers benefit from our enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, warehouse management system (WMS) and other integrations.

Reverse logistics/solution for returns

  • Repackage and liquidation support for unsellable and residual inventory.
  • Tie up with offline liquidators for sale of unsellable inventory at best prices.
  • In house capacity to repair and refurbish products like electronics (mobiles in particular) and NFT capacity of 1000 devices/day (scalable on need)

Automated Unfulfillable Removal

When inventory in an Amazon fulfillment center is not in sellable condition, its status changes to Unfulfillable and it is set aside. If you do not create a removal order for your unsellable inventory within 30 days after Amazon notifies you of its required removal, it is likely to be automatically disposed of by Amazon with some charges applicable based on your inventory.

We help you remove unsellable inventory automatically or at any time by submitting a removal order to our warehouses without any cost.


New product launch

Looking to launch new products or an entirely new brand on ecommerce marketplaces? We’re here for you. We’ve helped launch thousands of products and brands on marketplaces successfully, from small scale businesses to million-dollar brands.