General Services

IOR services

  • If you are an international brand and would like to have your products sold online in India on online platforms in India, we will work with you as the importer
  • Hand-held imports and customs clearance experience for over 20 years
  • Help in importing and selling various product categories which require different type of certifications
  • Import and export duties
  • We will help with local sales tax GST registration & compliance
  • Catalogues check and Amazon seller account creation support
  • We help you in product certifications like BIS, WPC and others

Technology platform and development

  • We use technology to scale everything we do. We provide robust integration options, flexibility, and dependability across all transactional functions.
  • Introducing to you our in-house built ERP software, JENNIFER. It does accurate, fast & transparent, order ID level payment reconciliations. You will get full visibility on cash flow and extremely fast payment within 5 days!
  • Track & trace of goods from your country to India FBA warehouse
  • Access to MIS & Business Intelligence reports
  • Back end platform for Inventory, Warehousing, Order management
  • System integrations with 3rd party logistic providers and automation of order fulfillment process

Payment transfers

One of the most important reasons for choosing us is that we ensure secure and extremely fast payment transfer, within 5 days! From your Amazon India seller central account to your local bank account. Integration with multiple payment service providers have helped sellers across many countries to get their payments on time.


Payment reconciliation

  • Our robust in-house software, Jennifer fetches your payment details from Amazon through API and performs payment reconciliation in T+0 timeline.
  • Reconciliations can be tracked through interactive dashboards on a real time basis.
  • We help you to achieve 99.99% accurate reconciliation of Payments.
  • Save 80% of your productive time in knowing where exactly and how your money is spent.


We help you in registering your brand in India, starting from logo, trademark search, filing trademark application, examination, publication, issuing registration certificate and finally to the renewal of your certificate.

Performance reports

Performance reports will not only measure the performance of your business but will also pinpoint the areas that require improvement and help in the overall decision-making process. Download your payment statement reports, shipping documents and your Amazon India account reports all at one place.

Seller reimbursements

Amazon's fulfillment centers regularly mishandle inventory, overcharge fulfillment and storage fees, and under-reimburse sellers. We help sellers to identify cases eligible for Amazon reimbursement streamline case creation.