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Nov 11

1. Clark Kent and unboxed phones must reveal themselves to you to understand their real awesomeness.   The Unboxed phones from Valuecart are new phones that were returned unused. Do not worry! Open the package with excitement! 2. Bruce Wayne always has the latest tech before anybody else. Just like unboxed phones. A phone from Valuecart, gets upgraded to the latest available software version and any unexpected bugs are fixed. You experience the latest technology right out of the box! 3. Spiderman helps those in need. Our valiant unboxed phones are very budget friendly and they save lives. We sell phones with competitive price tags, so that...

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Oct 03

Why ValueCart?

Posted by Harigovind M

Why to buy Unboxed/ Refurbished smartphones from ValueCart? Being left behind in a busy world is scary, lagging behind is daunting. We can’t imagine our life without a smartphone, and we love how it comes to salvage us from the qualms of getting lost, being hungry or missing out on life because we aren’t connected. With accessible technologies at our disposal, owning a well-equipped mobile phone can be the single solution to numerous problems. We guarantee that you can now do just that, and not just any phone, but the best ones in the market. We realize how hard it...

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Oct 01

Why Unboxed or Refurbished smartphones? It goes without saying that good smartphones are super-pricey and are rapidly getting outdated and replaced by far better models by the time you save for it. With everyone around you buying a better phone, it is not unusual for you to want one; one with a killer screen resolution, that doesn’t cost 3 months’ salary while you didn’t have to make excuses to your friends so you could save, a nimble processor which can multi-task effortlessly even if you can’t, and of course, a long battery life, without having to spend a bomb on...

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Sep 30

Unboxed phones:   An Unboxed phone is an unused phone, which was sent back with its seal opened, owing to numerous reasons spanning from the wrong model being shipped to a tiny scratch on the screen or customer not liking the look of it. These are brand new phones that were opened but not used. After passing the QC process, they are sealed in the original packaging and sold with manufacturer warranty.   Refurbished/ Refurbed phones:   A Refurbished phone, on the other hand, goes through minor component replacements by company (manufacturer) certified professionals to restore the brand new look....

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Jul 29

A dead phone can come back to life at any point. Every dramatic text will flash thrice on the screen. And zoom in and out depending on if it's from the MIL.       The flashlight will be replaced by a “Diya”. And if it goes off you know something big is going to go down. A “ji” will automatically be added to all the contacts on your list. Yes, that also means “pizza delivery ji”. There is no Siri. There’s only Sanskari. And it’ll probably send an automated text to your mother if you lie about where you are....

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Jul 15

Calling Xiaomi phones a raging success would be an understatement. After the phenomenal response to Mi3, Mi4 was released to the Indian market to receive an even better response. Even with OnePlus One, Moto series and iPhone, one has to admit it was Xiaomi Mi3 that took all the attention. Here are the 7 reasons why we think Mi3 is still the best phone, that is available in the market, in it's segment.  1.            Processor and Storage With an internal storage capacity of 16GB, Mi3 is powered with 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with a 2GB DDR3 RAM. To top...

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