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Aug 06

9 Answers only your smartphone knows

Posted by Kirti Karan

1. Or anybody else’s really. 2. The only exception being Fridays. It’s the universal favourite day. 3.   Because you’ve always been in a complicated relationship with the snooze button. 4. Wherever you go, your phone’s the only one to go with you. 5. Add a reminder to get the gift too. Preferably an amazing smartphone at a great discount like the ones available at 6.   Auto correct is a double edged sword. 7.  Especially when you can also google wine facts right there secretly to impress your date.  8. They’re also probably the ones still playing Angry...

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Jun 26

“Arey lajjo! Bharat jaane ki taiyyari karo. iPhone sastey mein mil rahi hai!”  “Tu toh Apple Store se phone khareed ke maamu ban gaya.”  “OH.My.GOD.” “I missed the sale? Ab phir sab mera roast karenge!” “The best thing that has happened to us after marriage.” “Sardaar, maine aapka wi-fi use kiye hai.” When you realize a second too late that you missed the sale. When the stock’s about to get over and your payment gets processed. “Kya kahaa aapne? Kitne mein i-phone? “iPhone in whaaa!” “Train ke saath saath flash sale bhi chhoot gayi!” When you realize you paid twice...

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Jun 18

1. You take care of your phone like you gave birth to it.   2. Each scratch on your smartphone is like a stab to your heart. 3. You feel incomplete without your phone around.   4. You get a panic attack if you can’t find your phone.   5. More often than not, your phone will be in your hands itself. FALSE ALARM   6. You don’t let your phone out of sight for it is your lifeline to the outside world.   7. When others take your phone, you feel a rush of protectiveness. I mean, it’s the...

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