Nov 02

7 Perfect Reasons To Update To MIUI 7

Posted by Harigovind M

If you were waiting for somebody to tell you this, here it is. The perfect reasons to update to MIUI 7, and not one but seven. 1. MIUI 7 themes designed for you MIUI 7 comes with 4 different system UIs to help you find your favourite style! Each is carefully designed and inspired by everyday scenes and objects to cater to your individual tastes. Each UI has been meticulously refined and adds character to your phone. Don't be boring! Change it up a little with the lovely new themes.   2. Lock screens are way more fun on MIUI 7...

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Jul 21

Spread out all the money you saved on the ground and make "money" angels.   Paper the walls of your room with money. You made such a smart buy after all.   Suit up in a coat made of .... that's right, moneyyyy!!!   Throw up all the money you made up in the air and do the badass walk while the money showers on you.   Evenly spread out all the money you saved on your bed and sleep on it. That will be the best sleep you ever got.   Redecorate your house with "money". Use rupee notes...

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Jul 15

Calling Xiaomi phones a raging success would be an understatement. After the phenomenal response to Mi3, Mi4 was released to the Indian market to receive an even better response. Even with OnePlus One, Moto series and iPhone, one has to admit it was Xiaomi Mi3 that took all the attention. Here are the 7 reasons why we think Mi3 is still the best phone, that is available in the market, in it's segment.  1.            Processor and Storage With an internal storage capacity of 16GB, Mi3 is powered with 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with a 2GB DDR3 RAM. To top...

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