Rumors: Smartphones to sport up to 8GB of RAM in 2016

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Everybody hates low performing smartphones. At the end of the day, performance and battery-life are the two things that one would really desire from his or her smartphone. And it seems like finally all your prayers are getting answered this coming year.




Starting in 2016, smartphones are rumored to double system memory from 4GB to a whopping 8GB of RAM. Jumping all the way up to 8GB will see tremendous gains for handsets everywhere, and it's all thanks to a beefier CPU.

According to Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang, Qualcomm is working on a new Snapdragon 830 processor that supports up to 8GB of RAM. Armed with the Snapdragon 830, smartphone-makers like Huawei and Oppo will be able to push the onboard system memory well past today's threshold.  


"Now Huawei / OPPO / vivo flagship comes with 4GB, and next year will come out with 6GB phone with 8GB you may want to the year after, because the fire-breathing processor Qualcomm Xiaolong 830 seems to support 8GB (code 8998, made burned lifetime ah, 820 not listed)," reads a post on Weibo.  


2016 is set to be a big year for smartphones, as Samsung plans to kick off the foldable display revolution with its new Project Valley phone, and other manufacturers are set to follow. LG also has a ambitious timeline for its own foldable display tech, which will culminate in rollable HDTV screens by 2017. 


 While 8GB of RAM in a smartphone might be overkill, we will probably see manufacturers slotting in a more reserved and manageable 6GB before going all out with the maximum. Also remember that these claims have yet to be verified, so take this info with a grain of salt.


Source: Tweaktown

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