Windows 10 Mobile ROM now available for download for Xiaomi Mi4 (LTE)

Posted by Harigovind M

As promised before, the official Windows 10 Mobile ROM for the Xiaomi Mi4 is now available for download. Xiaomi Mi4 users interested in giving Microsoft’s mobile operating system a run can download the ROM from MIUI forums and flash it on your device. It’s worth mentioning that the ROM is only compatible with the LTE version of the Xiaomi Mi4. So, Indian users with the Mi4 may be disappointed to know that they are not eligible to flash Windows 10 Mobile on their handsets.

Microsoft and Xiaomi announced they were working together about eight months ago. At the time a Xiaomi spokesperson said "This is an experimental program entirely led by Microsoft, and we are happy that Mi fans with Mi4 devices in China will be able to participate and provide feedback". Testers have been playing around with such a ROM since June, reports Windows Central.

Xiaomi, the world's 4th largest smartphone maker, has a slightly different approach to flashing ROMs on its devices compared to many of the companies you might be more familiar with. Its website hosts frequently updated ROMs for devices and you can choose from the likes of stable, developer and various region specific builds. These are easily flashed through a built-in utility in Xiaomi phones, or you can use your PC. Users of the Mi4 are soon to get another ROM download option; Windows 10.

As a reminder, the Xiaomi Mi4 offers excellent specs at a low to midrange price. It offers a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, quad core, 2.5GHz, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of built-in storage, 13MP back and 8MP front cameras plus a 5-inch full HD IPS screen protected by Gorilla Glass. Furthermore it is built in a stainless steel frame with an aluminum-magnesium mid-frame.

It’s also worth mentioning that the ROM is still unfinished and may have bugs, so think before you flash it on your device. If you come across any bug, make sure to provide your feedback about it so it can be fixed.

We’re hoping that Microsoft will work with other key smartphone manufacturers and bring the Windows 10 ROM on to some of the popular smartphones as well.


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