7 Perfect Reasons To Update To MIUI 7

Posted by Harigovind M

If you were waiting for somebody to tell you this, here it is. The perfect reasons to update to MIUI 7, and not one but seven.

1. MIUI 7 themes designed for you

MIUI 7 comes with 4 different system UIs to help you find your favourite style! Each is carefully designed and inspired by everyday scenes and objects to cater to your individual tastes. Each UI has been meticulously refined and adds character to your phone. Don't be boring! Change it up a little with the lovely new themes.


2. Lock screens are way more fun on MIUI 7

Lock screens should be way more interactive than they currently are right now. With MIUI 7 you get more information or fun out of the dynamic lock screens. Use it to make music, view the latest stock prices or even play a small game without having to unlock your phone! 

3. Improved system response time of 30% and 10% longer battery life

Like any OS experience, users care most about power and performance. That's why MIUI 7 is optimized to be faster and to last longer, bringing out only the best in your phone. MIUI 7 optimizes system response time by loading data and app animation in parallel. That's a 30% speed increase that's immediately noticeable, and surprisingly fast. Sweet!


4. XXL Text makes it super easy for you to read on your phone

What's the point of a gorgeous interface if you're squinting at it? For those who have a preference for larger fonts, MIUI 7 has been reformatted to perfectly accomodate 5 different text sizes ranging from S to XXL.

5. Super easy to create baby albums for your little ones

I'm at that age where my friends are starting to have kids and constantly telling me, "oh they're growing up too fast". Well, MIUI 7 has the perfect solution to help you browse through those sweet memories of your children with the Baby Albums feature.


 MIUI 7 uses facial recognition to detect baby photos in your camera roll. It then automatically groups and arranges them in a separate album, allowing you to browse through them easily.


6. Childproof your phone with Child mode

Here's another one for the mummies, daddies or uncles and aunties! You know this situation, when your kid is toying around with your phone and *gasp* accidentally sends an email to your boss filled with gibberish? Yep - that's where Child mode is for.

Designed to keep kids entertained while preventing access from emails, contact information, home screen layouts and more. Manage the list apps you want available when in Child mode.

7. Show your best moves with Showtime

Another new MIUI 7 feature, send a wink or blow a kiss. Record 5 second video loops with Showtime and surprise family and friends when you call! (To activate this feature, make sure you change your locale to India for the time being).

There you go. Now enjoy. Thank us later.

 Source: MI Forum

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