How do startups make it big?

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Yes, start-ups are fun place to work. And yes, startups are hard. It could be a brutal experience if you're not prepared for the grind. Taking it to the next level can be a fairly demanding job. Sleep is a myth. The office is your home and your club. You’ll lose track of your time. But trust us, it’s all worth it. With some luck and smart-work, you’ll be the next big thing before you might even know it.

This is our take on it- it is fun, but it is challenging. Setbacks happen. It’s all about fighting your way through and choosing the right warriors to do it alongside you. We know a lot of guys who are proud to be working in startups and absolutely love it. Here’s how they do it.

1. We know that there’s something known as weekends; but we don’t care.

Harry no offense gif

2. We sleep very very very little; because sleep is obviously for weak.

Sleep is for the week gif

3. There are changes all the time.

3.5. Sorry, we changed that too. Change is the only constant. Spock approves.

Spock change gif

4. Job titles and descriptions are for namesake; everybody pretty much does everything.

Team responsibility gif

5. Veterans are mentors, not foes; they’re like beards- they grow on you.

grow on you gif

6. Everybody is responsible for everything; it’s all about teamwork.

team work gif

7. The office is our bedroom; it’s more like working from home.

office is bedroom gif

8. We don’t fear failures, Uncertainty doesn’t scare us; because this is staaaaaaaaartaaaaaaaaaaap

sparta gif

9. Work might be disorganized; because entropy. We find the order in the chaos.

order chaos gif

10. Founder has too much power; that’s why he is the founder (Duh.)

boss gif

11. You don't ask for guidance; You find your own ways. And there’s help ready in case you’ll need it.

finding way shining gif

12. You can easily get lost; you either scream or enjoy the roller-coaster ride. Or both.

roller coaster gif

13. Long hours energize us; because we want to, and guess who they had in mind when they made Redbull? But honestly, sometimes it may not be enough.

morning gif

14. The job satisfaction is amazing; and there’s a word for it. You actually feel like getting up in the morning and going to work ( i.e. if you get to sleep at all)

job satisfaction gif

15. No Monday morning blues; honestly, most of us don’t have a clue what day of the week it is. Every day is kind of ‘Back To The Future’.

back to the future gif

So, if you're planning to start or join a start-up, worry not and trust us when we say that it's gonna be worth it. A little bit of sacrifice goes a long way. And always remember, there's no 'I' in the team. 

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