Why is everyone buying Unboxed or Refurbished Phones?

Posted by Harigovind M

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What the hell now, I thought. Not to sound jealous or anything, and not that I wasn’t, but, everybody else had a far better phone. Well, except me of course. Everybody I knew owned a super-cool, super-awesome smartphone and I was still saving up for my dream smartphone.

It was embarrassing to take out my cheap phone in public. I would avoid attending calls in public. Yes, I seriously did that. Not to mention the mocking by my friends, I was nick-named ‘the Flintstone’. They used to joke that it was passed on to me from my father, who inherited it from his father.

It was a smartphone of course, and it was not very old either. But as anyone who had owned a cheap smartphone would know, it certainly had its bad days. Bad months, rather I’d say. It started to hang almost every time after a few weeks of using that my ‘smartphone’ had a nick-name- ‘The Sloth’.

Now that we both had nick-names, I was done. I just wanted to buy the latest smartphone at any cost. But of course, money was an issue. But I wasn’t giving up; I wanted to palm the latest smartphone. To shove it on my friends’ faces, but then I was also so tired of The Sloth. I started saving, but every time I somehow managed to come up with the amount, after ages of saving, Boom! The model was outdated and I had to change my dream phone because I didn’t want to look like a fool to be spending so much on an outdated model. Nope. Not again, I said to myself.

Maybe life was choosing my lemon carefully, but all of a sudden it chose to give me my lemon. I was on Facebook when the ‘suggested pages’ came up. Most of those were phone related pages and I liked each of them without even looking at their names. The next day, as I logged on again, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The first post on my news feed read “iPhone 5c at 14,444/-“.

“Somebody is trolling”, said my mind; “Click the link”, my heart said.

Guess what!

Posted from IOS. ;)

Edit: Ah! Yes, I did click the link that opened me to the wonderland of unboxed and refurbished mobile phones. And oh boy, was it inexpensive or what. I was literally the little kid in the candy shop. I got something better than I had in mind. The rest of the money I had saved is safe in my account now. Not only did I get the best deal and an awesome phone, but I learned how to be smart and save money as well.

Life gives you lemons; sometimes it also gives you melons. (No, I'm not dyslexic)



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