Xiaomi launches Ninebot Mini, a cheap knee-high Segway-style scooter.

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Xiaomi may be better known for its range of smartphones, tablets, wearables, and smart home products, but the China-based electronics manufacturer just aligned itself with the self-balancing scooter fray with the RMB 1,999 ($314) Ninebot Mini.

Xiaomi Ninebot mini segway

The Ninebot mini is priced at 1,999 Yuan, which roughly translates to Rs 20,375.

The all new Ninebot mini scooter marks Xiaomi's entry into the two-wheeled segment and has been developed in collaboration with Chinese transportation robotics firm Ninebot, which also owns Segway, a USA company. Ninebot and Xiaomi have introduced the Ninebot Mini, a far more affordable device than Segway. The self-balancing scooter boasts of an aerospace-grade magnesium alloy infrastructure, offers speeds up to 16 km/hr, and climbs 15-degree inclines easily. Xiaomi's accompanying smartphone app allows users to control the Mini remotely as well as view a speedometer and see how much charge it has left. It supports loads up to 85 kg (187.4 pounds) - definitely a dealbreaker for many - weighs 12.8 kg (28.2 pounds) and can traverse slopes up to 15 degrees.



Pilot Xiaomi's knee high Segway with your smartphone

A smartphone companion app accompanies the Ninebot mini which allows users to remotely control the scooter. 

The companion app  displays other information such as the speedometer, preferences, traffic data, fault detection and firmware upgrades.It has an adaptive intelligent system that stores the user's weight and driving habits. It automatically optimizes output power, steering sensitivity and security based on this data.

The companion app also allows users to lock the mini scooter. If the Ninebot is moved while in lock mode, it sends out alerts to the user's smartphone. Ninebot mini is tailored for Mi fans claims Xiaomi.


Source: isurfpaducah, India Today

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