The DeBranded Series

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The DeBranded Series

 How much does a brand-name sway your purchase decisions? Let's test your resolve because we are bringing the game to you. Why is the term ‘quality’ associated only with a ‘brand’? We at ValueCart are just about to break this myth.

 Being brand-conscious and brand loyal comes with a cost. Brand loyalty, the emotional bond consumers have to a brand, can be made use of by the brand to take advantage of the customers because they are aware that the customers are willing to pay for them. To get a good deal, you have to take into consideration both the cost and what you obtain in return. When you develop an emotional tie with a preferred brand, you can in fact train yourself to disregard the significance of cost in the value equation. Many off-brands are of equivalent quality and cost much less but the dominance of famous brands has altered the way of thinking of the people. For instance, many people pay money for branded products because of the fear of not being accepted.

 For our budget and quality conscious customers, we present The DeBranded Series of products. Away from the phony veneers of status and prestige, we bring to your fingertips what really matters- cost-efficient quality.

 What are DeBranded products?

 A conglomerate of numerous brands under a single nameless brandless store, we present the brandless, the anonymous, and the tagless, all in one cloud-store for you- legitimate, enfranchised original products from legitimate brands and businesses, minus the brand name. Fall in love with the authenticity of the product, not its name. Fall in love with genuine quality, because it’s what you always wanted.

 We promote genuine products; we sell original high quality items. We don’t sell a brand here.  Here’s where the new range of products, the nameless, and the single brandlessness transform into a brand. Here’s the evolution where a band of brandless products grows to be a new brand, where brandlessness turns into a new brand. Featuring only original products from international brands, and the prices, jaw-dropping, for the good reasons, yes, it is raining offers on our DeBranded line of products because whatever the season, at, it always is raining deals.

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