What are Unboxed and Refurbished Smartphones?

Posted by Harigovind M

Unboxed phones:

Unboxed Smartphones


An Unboxed phone is an unused phone, which was sent back with its seal opened, owing to numerous reasons spanning from the wrong model being shipped to a tiny scratch on the screen or customer not liking the look of it. These are brand new phones that were opened but not used. After passing the QC process, they are sealed in the original packaging and sold with manufacturer warranty.


Refurbished/ Refurbed phones:

Refurbished/ refurbed smartphones


A Refurbished phone, on the other hand, goes through minor component replacements by company (manufacturer) certified professionals to restore the brand new look. In case you were still wondering, no, they are NOT second-hand phones; they are just Unboxed or Refurbished phones, 100% original and completely renewed.


Although Unboxed/Refurbished, the piece is essentially new and comes with the original box, accessories, and the manufacturer warranty. These are brand new phones that had minor hardware damage. They have been restored to original working condition using authentic spare parts. Then are sealed in original packaging and sold with manufacturer warranty.


Unboxed and Refurbished phones are made ready just for you and in addition to being available at a huge discount, these are also quality-certified and comes with all the original accessories and complete documentation. And that's why you should be opting for Unboxed or Refurbished smartphones.




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