7 reasons why unboxed phones are like superheroes

Posted by Kirti Karan

1. Clark Kent and unboxed phones must reveal themselves to you to understand their real awesomeness.


The Unboxed phones from Valuecart are new phones that were returned unused. Do not worry! Open the package with excitement!

2. Bruce Wayne always has the latest tech before anybody else. Just like unboxed phones.

A phone from Valuecart, gets upgraded to the latest available software version and any unexpected bugs are fixed. You experience the latest technology right out of the box!

3. Spiderman helps those in need. Our valiant unboxed phones are very budget friendly and they save lives.

We sell phones with competitive price tags, so that can always get the best phone no matter what.



4. Iron man always has all his accessories. Unboxed phones come home with all the accessories made by the manufacturer.

All the phones you purchase from us, include all the genuine accessories provided by the manufacturer itself.



5. A superhero foils every single evil plot. Similarly, unboxed phone goes through a mammoth quality-check every time.

At Valuecart, we ensure that each and every phone we sell, goes through a strong 60 point quality check procedure, so that you get the best out of it.



6. Like Wolverine manages to heal himself in no time, an unboxed phone has a  7 day replacement policy.

All phones from Valuecart get 7 days of replacement benefit in case you receive a product with any damage or any manufacturing defects.



7. Just when you thought they were gone, they come right back just better than ever. Never lose hope.

Avail hassle-free service with the phones you buy from us as they come with fully genuine 6 months manufacturer warranty. At VC, you can always get the phone you want if we have it.



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