8 things to do with the money you save from buying at ValueCart.

Posted by Kirti Karan

  1. Spread out all the money you saved on the ground and make "money" angels.


  1. Paper the walls of your room with money. You made such a smart buy after all.


  1. Suit up in a coat made of .... that's right, moneyyyy!!!


  1. Throw up all the money you made up in the air and do the badass walk while the money showers on you.


  1. Evenly spread out all the money you saved on your bed and sleep on it. That will be the best sleep you ever got.


  1. Redecorate your house with "money". Use rupee notes for coasters, curtains, wall hanging etc. Whatever suits your taste.


  1. Do a sexy dance in your room alone and throw all that money on yourself.


  1. Better yet, get yourself another smartphone, save more money. Repeat.


  1. By the way, we are just kidding  . Please be responsible with your money.

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