The way Bollywood reacted to the iPhone Flash Sale will crack you up!!!

Posted by Ankit Nayak

  1. “Arey lajjo! Bharat jaane ki taiyyari karo. iPhone sastey mein mil rahi hai!”


  2. “Tu toh Apple Store se phone khareed ke maamu ban gaya.”


  3. “OH.My.GOD.”

  4. “I missed the sale? Ab phir sab mera roast karenge!”

  5. “The best thing that has happened to us after marriage.”

  6. “Sardaar, maine aapka wi-fi use kiye hai.”

  7. When you realize a second too late that you missed the sale.

  8. When the stock’s about to get over and your payment gets processed.

  9. “Kya kahaa aapne? Kitne mein i-phone?

  10. “iPhone in whaaa!”

  11. “Train ke saath saath flash sale bhi chhoot gayi!”

  12. When you realize you paid twice the amount just a week ago…

  13. And your friends cannot stop making fun of you!

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