18 reasons your phone is your spirit animal

Posted by Ankit Nayak

1. You take care of your phone like you gave birth to it.


2. Each scratch on your smartphone is like a stab to your heart.

3. You feel incomplete without your phone around.


4. You get a panic attack if you can’t find your phone.


5. More often than not, your phone will be in your hands itself. FALSE ALARM


6. You don’t let your phone out of sight for it is your lifeline to the outside world.


7. When others take your phone, you feel a rush of protectiveness. I mean, it’s the closest you have to a soulmate.


8. Your phone has a name.


9. You like your phone more than you like people. People judge, your phone does not.


10. Your house might be a mess, but when it comes to managing your phone and its apps, you have OCD.


11. Your phone is the last thing you see when you go to sleep and the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.


12. It’s a built in reflex to reach for your phone every 15 minutes with no apparent purpose.


13. You can’t deal with the stress when your phone is in for repair.


14. You carry your entire database in your phone. From your year planner to your personal diary, everything is fed into your smartphone’s memory. Is it any wonder you feel handicapped without it?


15. You thank the Gods everyday for Airplane mode


16. You find scrolling randomly on your phone oddly therapeutic


17. Your definition of multi tasking is talking, listening and scrolling on your phone, all at the same time.


18. Once in a while, when the wi-fi is down, you talk to people.

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