Why I would never buy a new phone again

Posted by Harigovind M





As I saw my friend walking towards me happily, I had no clue why he was smirking. As soon as he reached near me, without even greeting me, he smugly handed me his new smartphone. I was astonished as to what would have made this pinchpenny spend a fortune on something that “he would rather die than spend so much money on”.

While I was silently looking at the phone, obviously in envy, he broke the silence.


“It has 3 GB RAM, full HD screen, dual-sim support and the camera is pretty awesome. And dude, the battery lasts for a full-day as well.”


Now I was completely taken over by jealousy and my ego was trying to burst out through my face. So I tried to hit him where it was going to hurt most.


 “How much did it cost? 30,000?” I asked mockingly.

He calmly replied, “It cost me just 15,000 bucks.”  


Oh boy, now I was fuming inside, because it was just recently that I had bought a smartphone for 24,000 whose features didn’t even come close to the features this phone had.

Now that my frustration was evident, his smirk grew into a smile that wouldn’t just go away. Having got the upper hand, he started taunting me.


 “Aren’t you going to ask where I bought this from”?


Trying to hide my evident soreness, I just nodded.


He continued, “I did a lot of research and found out this online store that sells unboxed phones.”


I was noticeably perplexed as I did not know what an unboxed phone was.


He nonchalantly continued, as if reading my mind. “Unboxed phones are unused phones, sent back with their seal opened. These are brand new phones that were opened but not used”.


“It is, in effect, no different from a new phone. Basically, one would be getting a new phone at a lot lesser price with warranty. And you get the phone you want at unimaginable discounts”, he went on and on and on. (“Why else would you buy it, you miser”, I thought.)


It seemed like he was not going to stop, and he wouldn’t as this was his chance to get back at me for all those taunts thrown at him for being a cheap-skate. Although I had it coming, this was unbearable listening to his blabbering on how smart he was. Once he was finally done and walked away, I felt defeated. I was sad that I did not know about unboxed phones before I bought mine. It hurt me as much as knowing that this bugger had got a way better deal. It was more than I could handle. Then my phone beeped and I took it out of my pocket.


The “battery low” symbol grinned at me.





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