Apr 07


Posted by Kirti Karan

[blogslidersmall] [image][/image] [content]Hi value cart thanks for sending me a genuine n unboxed phone keep up ur good work best of luck!!!   SHEZAN R [/content] [/blogslidersmall]

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Apr 07


Posted by Harigovind M

[blogslidersmall] [image][/image] [content]Love you so much ..I am really happy because I have ordered one Mi3 .. I am unable to purchase mi3 on filpkart 10 months back and waiting for this valuecart has made my dream become true.. Love you so muchhhhh   SANNOY DAS [/content] [/blogslidersmall]

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Apr 07


Posted by Joydip Nath

[blogslidersmall] [image][/image] [content]I just love they way you take care of your customers....! I am impressed by the way you respond on fb. I ordered oneplus one from though i don't receive the product yet it's on its way and i am very excited about it.   VISHAL AGGARWAL, HARYANA                                                           [/content] [/blogslidersmall]

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Feb 29


Posted by Shrishty Gupta

[blogslidersmall] [image][/image] [content]Loved the Idea of ValueCart. Team is very Responsive and overall it's a great Experience!   DS CHARAN, HYDERABAD                                                              [/content] [/blogslidersmall]

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